Custom and Bulk Orders

Speaking Mug Custom and Bulk Orders


I have my own design...such as: my child created a painting that I absolutely admire. Can I print it on a t-shirt or a mug?

Absolutely yes!

There are certain requirements of the design in terms of its dimensional/pixel quality, color and style that determines whether it will render properly when put in a t-shirt or a mug. We will be happy to help you with determining whether your design can be used as-is or if it needs adjustment/reconstruction.

Send us an email at with as much detail as possible.

 I don't have a design, but I have an idea on what I want on a t-shirt or a mug. What should I do?

Send us an email at describing your idea. We will be happy to help with next steps.

 I have a family get-together, community picnic or some other function where I'd love to have tshirts or mugs in bulk. How can I get it started?

Great, we can absolutely help you with bulk orders. We can even assist with few sample designs that could go over the t-shirt or mug. Send an email to describing your needs. We will be happy to help with next steps.